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Rome Tours

Honestly, we consider impossible to resume in a web site the city of Rome and all the possible tours that people can have in the Eternal City. As if one of the purposes of the tours is to show the history of a city, Rome is 31 centuries old. This is just an introduction and our overview on the Rome Tours and the different Rome itineraries.

Touring Rome is like reading an endless book of history, Religion, Fine Arts, Architecture. Even in the Holy Bible the Apostle St. Paul in his Letters and St. John the Evangelist in the Revelation talk about Rome.

Yet, Rome is now is a city that has two aspects: the Historical one and the Religious one, being the two sides of the same coin. We would say with our modern parameters, the "Pagan" (or "the Laic") side and the "Christian" one, being the cradle of the Roman Catholic Church with the Pope, His Holyness Benedict XVI. Whenever one side of this coin crossed and met the other one, there has been a trouble -e.g. fight- in the last 17 centuries.

However, as for the Rome Tours, our task and challenge is to present different solutions being devided by themes and location. We always consider to do the private tour of Rome (your private tour guide only for you and your party, your family or group of friends/pilgrimage).

For a Rome travel, choose your Rome Tour that you like best: you may have a selection amongst Catholic Churches, Vatican City, Vatican Museums, Ancient Rome Tour, Christian Rome Tours, Catholic Churches, Jewish Rome, Renaissance Rome, Rome Highlights, Shore Excursions to Rome, Ancient Ostia, Subterranean Rome, Tivoli and any other Rome tour off-the-beaten-paths.

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NOTE on payments:

To confirm any tour or travel service, we require either a deposit or full prepayment by Visa-MasterCard + 21% vat tax on top.
In case you wish to pay the deposit, it will be charged at cost + 21% vat tax and then the balance by cash to your assigned tour guide ( possibly one of the Pellegrini Family member ). The amount of the deposit depends on which kind of tour is selected.

Ancient Ostia - The Old Sea-Port
Ancient Rome Tours - Imperial Rome
Catholic Rome: the Signs of the Passion
Christian Rome - Christian Rome Tours

Being the main Sea-port of the Roman Empire, Ancient Ostia followed step-by-step the History of Rome, its birth, rising and decandence.
Portus became more important than Ostia once two Roman Emperors, Claudius (41-54 A.D.) and Trajan (98-117 A.D.) built their harbour bassins on the right side of the Tiber River ( Ostia is on the left one ). Ostia & Portus, read more here.

There was a time in which Rome was one of the most fascinating and decorated city in the known World with hundreds of temples and basilicas, over a thousands of thermal baths (today's Spa), condominiums,  circus, stadiums, theatres, markets, forums. Pantheon Rome, Capitol Hill, Roman Forum, Colosseum Rome, Palatine Hill (Caesars' Palaces). Read more here to find out.

Rome Travels provide specific Catholic tours of Rome all services related to with the Catholic pilgrimages to Rome and so religious travel packages, transportation and hotel bookings.
Our Catholic tours will be focused on the footsteps of the Signs of the Passion of Christ present in the Eternal City, those of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the sites of the Catholic Martyrs, the sites of the Catholic Saints. Read more here ...

We are pleased to guide individual families, group of people and pilgrims who also wish to visit the most significant sites of the Catholic Church in Rome. We really do special itineraries on request as well customizing everyone's trip to Rome. Sample of Christian Tours with a logic itinerary being your Roman Catholic Guide in the Eternal City. Tour combos. Read more here to find out.

Near Rome: The County of Rome
Jewish Rome
Renaissance Rome - Baroque Rome
Rome Highlights - Rome in One Day

The County of Rome represents the complement of the Rome City on multiple aspects. Sites where visitors can experience the authentic Spirituality, splendid Villas and Castles, beautiful Lands and Waters, natural Parks and Reserves, a touch of Archaeology and, of course, Food & Wine.
The Roman Castles with Frascati, Ariccia, Albano. The Etruscan Itineraries with Cerveteri and Veio. Medieval Burgs like Ceri & Bracciano. Read More here to find out !

Rome Travels provides a great itinerary through the Rome Jewish Area for those who want to see the endless heritage of the Jewish culture in Rome. The Rome Jewish community is the oldest in Europe.
The Jewish Ghetto is well preserved and contains 22 centuries. Trastevere, Tiber Island, Marcellus Theatre, the Inquisition, the Nazi deportation: so many facts affected our local Jewish community. Click here to find out more !

In the XVth Century Rome regained its supremacy in Arts, History and Architecture inaugurating the "Renovatio Urbis" (Renovation of the City). Renaissance in Rome: it can be in hidden alleyways, in an old Roman Osteria being surrounded by the vestige of Ancient Rome, in a small square or just around the corner where there is a great fountain right in front an imposing Palace of the Nobility and, of course, in some fabolous churches of Rome off-the-beaten paths. Read more...

There may be people who are here for a Rome meeting and not for touring it and they might have only one day to tour Rome aside their business meeting. Or, because there are people who might be in transit. Or  simply as people want to concentrate Rome in this limited time frame.
Is it possible to see highlights of Rome in a day ? Yes it is, without presuming to see it all but giving you a good idea why Rome was not built in a day... Find out here.

Rome Museums - Museums of Rome
Rome Shore Excursions - Cruise Tour
Subterranean Rome
Tivoli - Villa d'Este - Hadrian's Villa

To select only a few Museums of Rome was an hard job. If the old city of Rome had thousands of artfacts, so many of them are now in our Rome Museums. Ours is an list of the gtreat museums in Rome that we highly recommend out of 107, along with a brief description. Borghese Gallery, Capitoline Museums, Roman National Museum of Palazzo Massimo, Centrale Montemartini, The Painting Galleries, Museums of Roman antiquities. Click here to find out more!

When your Italy Cruise docks in Civitavecchia pier we will be giving the ground arrangements for your cruise vacation. Whether you are on a honeymoon cruise of a cruise line or simply are planning a cruise excursion to Italy.
Our limousine service (or minibus or bus) along with our driver will be at the Civitavecchia pier as you disembark to pick you up and bring you into the city of Rome where you meet your private assigned guide. Click here to find out more!

Under the endless vestiges of centuries, there is an underground Rome made up of houses, fresco walls, mosaics, acqueducts, auditoriums, catacombs. We specifically devided the 26 Subterranean sites of Rome per themes to make it easier while turing with us. We wish to share this unique heritage from the past with those travelers who want to experience a different way to discover the Eternal City, the Subterranean Rome. Click here to find out more !

Located only 45 min. drive from Rome, in Tivoli we have three magnificient gems: The Hadrian's Villa, veritable triumph of the Caesar's Villa and Architecture.
The Villa d'Este, best Villa built in the Italian Renaissance. These two Villas are in the list of World Heritage Sites.
And the Gregorian Villa (1835), thanks to the invention of Pope Gregory XVI, an extraodinary walk through waterfalls, grottoes, paths and ravines. Click here to find out more !

Vatican Tours - Vatican Guide

A brief history of the Vatican, from St. Peter's time (67 A.D.), passing by Circus of Nero, the Basilica of Constantine, Charle Magne, the Avignon Captivity, to nowadays. The pre-existences. From the Vatican State to the smallest country in the World, the Vatican City State and the Holy See.History of the Vatican Museums.
Vatican Private Tours with Official Tour Guide of the Vatican City State. Click here to find out more !

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