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Ancient Rome Tour 2 - A Comprehensive Tour with private Tour Guide and Transportation

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A lot of people know that there was a time in which Rome was one of the most fascinating and decorated city in the known with more than 1.200.000 inhabitants. The Ancient City of Rome had hundreds of Temples and Basilicas, over a thousands of Thermal Baths, Condominiums, several Circuses, Stadiums, Theatres, Markets, several Forums. One of the motto was Roma Caput Mundi  (Head of the World).
Nowadays we have more that one city within the same city of Rome. Several levels of different ages: the Royal Period, the Republican Age, the Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance Rome etc.

2. - Tour Description -
Imperial Rome with private Tour Guide & Driver
Duration: 4/5 hours

Having our private driver/limo or deluxe minivan, we can see more attractions during our tour. We will see all things mentioned in the Ancient Rome Tour # 1 +:

The Hadrian's Mausoleum (Castel S. Angelo
), Baths of Caracalla, Caestius Pyramid and the Aurelian Walls ( Rome City Walls ) with a walk through the upper level (at St.Sebastian / Appian Gate), the Old Appian Way with the Circus of Maxentius, The Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, the Marcello's Theatre.

The Hadrian's Mausolem (IInd Cent. A.D.), better known as Castel S. Angelo, is the biggest Mausoleum ever built in Europe, which became in the Middle Ages the famous Papal Fortress, other than prisons, in case of invasions, located next to the Vatican Burg. Other than the Rome Pantheon, it is the only great Vestige of Ancient Rome which is intact.

The Baths of Caracalla were the second largest Thermal Spa of the Roman Empire, veritable splendor of Rome, one of the seven wonders of the Eteranl City that could host up to 3.000 people at once. In the Summer time houses the Opera Festival.

The Appian Way starts its picturesque vistas with the Aurelian City Walls at the Appian Gate (IIIrd Cent. A.D.), the private Circus of Maxentius along with the unique Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella (Ist Cent. B.C.) and the maginicient Quintili's Villa, at the time privately owned by two brothers who were killed during the time of the Emperor Commodus (180-192 A.D.) on the Appian Way.

The Marcello's Theatre
is a spectacular old vestige adiacent to the Portico d'Ottavia (Jewish Area), both done on the 1st Cent. B.C. and it is a smaller version how looked like the Rome Coliseum, not an Amphitheater but simlply a Theater done in Travertino Limestone. The Portico d'Ottavia was a huge temple named after the Octavian's sister, first Roman Emperor, where is now the historical district of the Rome Jewish Area.

Ancient Rome Tour 2. - Imperial Rome Tour with Private Guide & Driver: Included

Ancient Rome Tour 2.

IMPERIAL ROME TOUR  with private tour guide & driver
Duration: 4/5 hours

Pantheon Rome

Sacred Area of Argentina

Capitol Hill

Roman & Imperial Forums

Colosseum Rome

Palatine Hill
(Caesars' Palaces)

Theatre of Marcellus

Portico d'Ottavia

Castel S. Angelo (Hadrian's Mausoleum)

Baths of Caracalla

Rome Aurenlian Walls
The Appian Way

Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella

How to book and secure your Ancient Rome Tour # 2:

Rome Travels gives you two options of payment: Credit Card or PayPal

Please send us an e-mail

1) Credit Card

1. First Name (and eventually Middle Name, if any) and Last Name as shown on the credit card ( Visa or MasterCard );

2. Credit card Numbers ( 16 digits ) with the expiration date;

3. The Security Code ( the last 3 digits on the reverse of the card )

4. Billing address of the owner of the credit card.

Above rates do not include the 21% vat tax only on the deposit. If you mean to confirm, in order to secure both our commitments, we ask you to pay us:

The non refundable deposit equivalent to the total of your tickets with the VIP entrance with no lines through our reservation: EUR 15.00 per person + 150.00 EUR as deposit for our guiding fee. It's non refundable deposit in order to commit both of us.

You will then settle up with your assigned tour guide (possible myself, Cristiano Pellegrini, as long as I am available) in EUR cash: 400.00 € up to 5 people, € 500.00 up to 10 people.

For more visitors, please contact us.

Ancient Rome Tour 2 - Costs with Private Guide and Transportation

Tour Cost - Private Tour Guide with private transportation - 4-5 hours tour -

1-2 people : EUR 700.00
3-7 people : EUR 800.00
8-18 people
* : EUR 125.00 per person
19-40 people
* : EUR 100.00 per person

*  Included the these costs is also the minibus/bus permit. On these costs, due to the booking policy of Sopraintendenza dei Beni Culturali di Roma, the reservation is mandatory (we take care of). The cost is EUR 50,00. This will avoid the queues at the Coliseum.


1) The entrance fees are not included in the above cost. Our Guides, being official Rome Tour guides, they never pay them. With only one ticket of EUR 15,00 per person, people are allowed to enter: Forum / Coliseum / Palatine Hill (Caesars' Palaces) within 48 hours. NO lines guaranteed thanks to our reservation.

2) Rental of the Head-sets is mandatory at the Colisseum for tours with more than 13 visitors and its cost is EUR 3,50 per person (for the half day).

3) 22% VAT TAX to be added in the deposit.

2) PayPal

OR you can pay the deposit equivalent to your tickets even with PayPal ( as we are a verified Business merchant ) whether or not you have an account with PayPal. Just fill thee below PayPal cart and you can pay with your Visa or MasterCard.

In case you choose PayPal as method of payment, we still require the complete list of all participants, with the first and last names.
As mentioned in the PayPal shopping cart, please inform us which are the best tour dates for your private Ancient Rome Tour # 2.
The balance due in EUR cash to your assigned tour guide will be:

- EUR 400.00 up to 2 people;
- EUR 500.00 from 3 to 7 people.

In case you are a group of more than 7 people, please let us know. Thank you !

Ancient Rome Tour # 2 - Private Tour Guide & Driver/Limo or Minivan - Balance to be paid in cash
Deposit: Coliseum Tickets + 150€ out of 550€ 650€ Guide & Driver
Preferred Time, pending on the availabilities
Your possible Tour dates are:
Balance to be paid in EUR cash, € 400 up to 2 people, € 500 up to 7 people
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