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Approaching to one of our Christian Rome Tours, it is useful to remind that the Rome is the cradle of Roman Catholicism, other than the Vatican City State: 24 Basilicas, over 60 Catacombs of Rome, 299 historical Catholic Churches in downtown  ...  In addition, the Vatican Museums.  

Let's say that it's impossible to concentrate 17 Centuries of History in one web page. A lifetime could not last in describing how much can be found in the city of Rome of the Catholic Church.

However, we are immensely pleased to guide individual families, group of people and pilgrims who also wish to visit the most significant sites of the Catholic Church in Rome. We really do special itineraries on request as well customizing everyone's trip to Rome.

Of course, here below we did a selection of the highlights especially for the Rome Churches ... In this page we skipped to insert the Vatican - and specifically the Vatican Museum - as you may find them in the Vatican web pages.

Rome Travels does not want to be a full guide of the Catholic Churches in Rome as we would need more than one Encyclopedia. However, we propose sample of Christian Tours with a logic itinerary being your Roman Catholic Guide in the Eternal City.

We may have a tour combination, being extremely flexible. Here below it is just a list of most significant Churches & Sites of the Christians in Rome that can be seen, of course, not in one day except for the Catacombs and the Papal Audience.

Due to the size of the Rome city covered, private Transportation is required in most of the Christian Tours of Rome

Which is the difference between Christian Rome and Catholic Rome ?

For Christian Rome we mean the general sites of the Rome Christianity, the Churches in Rome, the pilgrimage to Rome and the Christian history of Rome: practically, 2000 years of history.

For Catholic Rome, instead, we mean the Catholic doctrine, traditions, institutions, religious orders, which are strictly dealing with the Catholic Church (e.g. universal), and are considered the "working machine" of the Holy See, better known as the Vatican City State.

You can better check as well in our page dedicated to the Catholic Rome.

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Christian Rome Tour 1 - The Three Papal Basilicas

CHRISTIAN ROME - TOUR 1 - The Three Patriarchal Basilicas & Holy StairCase -

Duration: 4 hours - Private Transportation: required

To this class belong just four great papal churches of Rome, which among other distinctions have a special "holy door" which are only open once every 25 years and to which a visit is always prescribed as one of the conditions for gaining the Roman Jubilee (i.e. : "Redemption").

Upon renouncing the title of Patriarch of the Western Latin Church, His Holyness Pope Benedict XVI
renamed these basilicas from "Patriarchal Basilicas" to "Papal Basilicas".

We decided not to include St. Peter's Basilica
in the Vatican City State, putting it in a self and independent itinerary, The Vatican.

  • St. Paul's Outside the Walls

  • St. John in the Lateran ( The Cathedral of Rome )

  • The Holy Staircase

  • S.te Mary Major

Christian Rome Tour 2 - The Origins of Christian Faith

CHRISTIAN ROME - TOUR 2 - The Origin of the Christian Religion  

The Catacombs of Rome,  The Old Appian Way & St. Paul's OutSide the Walls -

Duration: 4 hours - Private Transportation: required.

  • The Old Appian Way, also famous for the "Domine, Quo Vadis?" ("My Lord, where are you going"?) pronunced by St. Peter's according to the tradition. Main street of Ancient Rome, Regina Viarum (Queen of the Roads), the Via Appia is where lots of pages of Pagan and Christian history were made since 312 B.C.

  • The Catacombs and the Basilica of St. Sebastian:  first catacombs in the Christian World, bettern know as the Memoria Apostolorum (The Memory of The Apostles, Peter and Paul). A must in Rome, the Rome Catacombs are 62 and only 5 are open regularly to the public.

  • The Basilica of St. Paul's OutSide the Walls, where the Apostle is resting in Peace. Starting 06/29/2008, the his Holyness Pope Benedict XVI inaugurated the "Pauline Year" to celebrate the 2000 years of St. Paul's birth.

Christian Rome Tour 3 - The Seven Basilicas of Rome

CHRISTIAN ROME - TOUR 3 - The Seven Churches of Roma

Duration: 8 hours -  Private Transportation: required

The get the indulgence in the Middle Ages was a real big deal. The Pilgrims started to visit the seven Churches already in the VIth Century. One way to lead the Pilgrimage to Rome was to visit the Four main Papal Basilicas of Rome (Maiores) and the three Minor ones (Minores). Rome Travels wants to give the chance to visit them all in one full day.

The Seven Basilicas of Rome are:
St. Peter's in the Vatican;
St. John in the Lateran;
St. Paul's Outside the Walls;
S.te Mary Major;
St. Sebastian Outside the Walls;
St. Lawrence Outside the Walls;
Holy Cross in Jerusalem.

In each of these Basilicas there are the highest relics of the City of Rome
, on the footsteps of Chirst, on the footsteps of the Apostles and the main Roman martyrs of the Christian Religion.

Christian Rome Tour 4 - The Early Christian Basilicas - IV, V and VI Cent.

CHRISTIAN ROME - TOUR 4 - The Early Christian Basilicas -

th, Vth, VIth Centuries - Private Transportation Required

The immense architectural, religious, historical heritage of those Churches in Rome that made the history of the Eternal City. Rome is not only the Vatican, but mainly the satellites Churches around and within the City that made worthy the Grand Tour of the Pilgrimage to Rome throughout 15 Centuries of the Christian devotion.

Visiting the Churches below is like doing a full immersion of the real authentic spirit of the Roman Catholic Churches, austere and simple, most of them built on top of other Churches or upon old Roman structures.

  • Basilica of S.te Praxedis

  • Basilica of S.te Pudenziana

  • Basilica of S.te Cecilia in Trastevere

  • Basilica of S.te Sabina at the Aventine Hill

  • Basilica of St. Mark at the Capitol Hill

  • Basilica of S.te Agnes Outside the Walls

  • Basilica of Ss. Cosma and Damiano at the Forum

  • Basilica of S.te Mary in Cosmedin (better known as the "Mouth of the Truth")

Christian Rome Tour 5 - The Renaissance Churches of Rome: XV and XVI Cent.

CHRISTIAN ROME - TOUR 5 - The Renaissance Churches of Rome

The Roman Curia thorughout most of the XVIth Century tried to recuperate the purity of the Christian Faith according to the best European Artists living or working in the city at different times: Michelangelo, Bramante, Raphael, Vignola, Della Porta. The Renaisssance Churches born are the outcome of this incredible skills.

  • Church of Santa Maria della Pace (S.te Mary of Peace)

  • Church of San Pietro in Montorio

  • Oratory of the Gonfalone

  • Church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini (St. John of the Florentine People)

  • Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo (S.te Mary of the People)

  • Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Most of these Churches are in downtown or in its vicinity. However, we also suggest to do a combination with the Christian Rome Tour # 6, the Baroque Churches, and have a great walking tour as alternative instead of private transportation.

Christian Rome Tour 6 - The Baroque Churches of Rome: XVII Cent.

CHRISTIAN ROME - TOUR 6 - The Baroque Churches of Rome

Starting on early XVIIth, one way in which the Church of Rome reacted to the Protestants (Christian Reformed Churches) was by the creation of incredible luxury Churches, ornated, pompous and beautiful decorated ones. This was the Architectural triumph of Rome against the so called eresies, this was also the Baroque in Rome and Rome had its main interpreters: Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini.

  • Church of San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane

  • Church of Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza

  • Church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale

  • Church of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

  • Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle

  • Church of San Carlo ai Catinari

  • Basilica of ss. Carlo e Ambrogio al Corso (St. Charles and St. Ambrose)

  • Basilica of Santa Maria in Vallicella (the so called: The New Church or Chiesa Nuova)

  • Church of Jesus

  • Church of St. Ignatius

  • Basilica of Ss. Apostoli

  • Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli

Christian Rome Tour 7 - The Papal Audience

Christian Rome Tour 7 - The General Papal Audience - Running day: Wednesday morning

On every Wednesday, as long as the Holy Father is in Rome, at 10:30 am starts His General Audience in St. Peter's Square. The Audience is absolutely FREE, at no cost, as the Church of Rome never speculates on the Faith of the Roman Catholic Religion. Whoever charges you a single EURcent, it is a cheater.

We highly recommend to be there not later than 09:00 am. No reserved places: first comes, first seats. Usually the Audience of the Pope Benedict XVI lasts a couple of hours and, during this time, St. Peter's  Basilica is strictly closed to the visitors, due to the presence of the Pope in St. Peter's Square along with nearly average of 50.000 visitors.

How can we provide the tickets for you ?
3 easy steps - We will personally require your tickets at no charge. Send us an e-mail with

1) your first and last names & the total number of participants
2) The Hotel in which are you staying.
3) Then, you can pick them up in an envelope reserved to your name/last name in the Official Vatican Gift Store, located off St. Peter's Square.

Further details will be given on a personal base. Thank you !

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Full day - Christian Rome Tour Combinations


Costs, including Private Tour Guide (us) & Transportation (private driver/car-minivan-minibus-bus) -
8-10 hours Tour - Tour COMBOS (# 1 & 2; or 2 & 3, etc)

In case visitors wish to have a full day tour with a combination of above tours ( ex.tour #: 1 & 5; 3 & 6)

1-2 people : 1,400.00 EUR
3-7 people : 1,500.00 EUR
8-17 people : 175.00 EUR per person
18-40 people : 145.00 per person

* Included the these costs is also the minibus/bus permit & head-sets throughout the tour, lunches and entrance fees.

NOTE: 22% VAT TAX not included in the deposit in the above costs.

Tour Costs - Christian Rome Tours: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7

Tour Costs - Christian Rome Tours
# 1, 2, 3 & 4, including:

- Private Tour Guide (us)
- Transportation (private driver/car-minivan-minibus-bus)
- Four hours tour

  • 1-2 people : 700.00 EUR

  • 3-7 people : 800.00 EUR

  • 8-17 people : 100.00 EUR per person *

  • 18-40 people : 90.00 per person*

* : Included the these costs is also the minibus/bus permit & head-sets throughout the tour, lunche and entrance fees.

NOTE: 22% VAT TAX not included in th4e deposit in the above costs.

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