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Our Ancient Rome Tours are a fun and entertaining journeys to timeless Vestiges that will speak about facts & Politics, ancient Roman engineers and their buildings techniques, loves, conjures and triumphs: in other words, Rome, the Eternal City: a vivid present past.
Pick up some suggestions of what of the Archaeological Rome Tour you wish to select.
We love cutomizing our Rome Tours  always on private base (we, as your private Rome Tour Guide and your family/group of people). Or, leave it up to us. Here below there is an intersting list of most of the highlights of the Ancient Rome Tour for your Rome trip.

Which kind and how many tours are available of Ancient Rome?  After many years of touring with the people, we selected essentially three of them:

# 1. Basic & Classical Ancient Rome, half day with only your private guide, 3/4 hours tour: see here below

# 2. Comprehensive Ancient Rome Tour, with also our private driver/limo or minivan, Extended morning/afternoon, 4/5 hours. See here

# 3. Full day Ancient Tour:
a complete version of Ancient Rome with our private transportation, 8 hours tour. See here

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Ancient Rome Tour # 1 - Tour Description - Basic Imperial Rome Tour - Duration: 3/4 hours -

We will start with the only intact Temple left of the Roman Empire where the Ancient Romans could worship all Gods: the Pantheon. Then on the the Area where there are the vestige of the 4 Republican Temples (3rd and 2nd Cent. B.C.) next to the site where Caius Julis Caesar was assassinated on March 15th 44 B.C.

A sort walk will draw us up to the Capitole Hill, geographical center of Rome, where "All Roads are leading to", ornated with its splendid XVIth Cent. "Piazza" designed by Michelangelo, overlooking the Roman Forum. The Campidoglio is the location of the Musei Capitolini (Capitoline Museums).

At the Roman Forum, a nice stroll thorughout the quintessence of the Western Roman civilization, where 31 Centuries of history are resume in only one area, the best of Rome.

For those who are good walkers, a walk up to the Caesar's Palaces on the Palatine Hill to be wondered by the Residence of most of the Caesars, the gorgeous view of the Circus Maximus and then down to the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Rome Colisseum.

Ancient Rome Tour 1. - Imperial Rome Tour - What is included

Ancient Rome Tour 1.

Classic Rome  
Walking tour  
Duration: 3/4 hours

Pantheon Rome
Sacred Area of Argentina
Capitol Hill
Roman Forum
Colosseum Rome
Palatine Hill
(Caesars' Palaces)

The Trajan's Column - Travel in time with this amazing stop-motion animation and see how Trajan’s Column was built - 112 A.D. - By National Geographic
The Trajan's Column - By The National Geographic

Travel in time with this stop-motion animation and see how Trajan’s Column was built - according to one theory.
How it was made? To commemorate the victory against the Dacians ( currently Roumania ), Trajan commissioned a huge Column and a Forum that included a spacious plaza surrounded by colonnades, two libraries (Greek & Latin), a grand common space known as the Basilica Ulpia.

How to book and secure your Ancient Rome Tour # 1:

Rome Travels gives you two options of payment: Credit Card or PayPal

Ancient Rome Tour # 1 - Walking Tour - Costs

Ancient Rome Tour # 1 - COSTS:

1-5 people: 450.00 EUR
7-13 people: 500.00 EUR
15-20 people
*: 60.00 EUR per person
21-40 people
*: 50.00 EUR per person

* On the above costs, due to the booking policy of Sopraintendenza dei Beni Culturali di Roma, the reservation is mandatory (we take care of). The cost is EUR 50,00. This will avoid the queues at the Coliseum.


1) The entrance fees are not included in the above cost. Our Guides, being official Rome Tour guides, they never pay them. With only one ticket of EUR 15,00 per person, people are allowed to enter: Forum / Coliseum / Palatine Hill (Caesars' Palaces) within 48 hours. NO lines guaranteed thanks to our reservation.

2) Rental of the Head-sets is mandatory at the Colisseum for tours with more than 13 visitors and its cost is EUR 3,50 per person (for the half day).

3) 22% VAT TAX to be added in the deposit.

Please send us an e-mail with:

1) Credit Card

1. First Name (and eventually Middle Name, if any) and Last Name as shown on the credit card ( Visa or MasterCard );
2. Credit card Numbers ( 16 digits ) with the expiration date;
3. The Security Code ( the last 3 digits on the reverse of the card )
4. Billing address of the owner of the credit card.

Above rates do not include the 21% vat tax only on the deposit. If you mean to confirm, in order to secure both our commitments, we ask you to pay us:

The non refundable deposit equivalent to the total of your tickets with the VIP entrance with no lines through our reservation: EUR 15.00 per person + 50.00 EUR as deposit for our guiding fee. It's non refundable deposit in order to commit both of us.

You will then settle up with your assigned tour guide (possible myself, Cristiano Pellegrini, as long as I am available) in EUR cash: 300.00 € up to 5 people, € 400.00 up to 10 people.

For more visitors, please contact us.

2) PayPal

OR you can pay the deposit equivalent to your tickets even with PayPal ( as we are a verified Business merchant ) whether or not you have an account with PayPal. Just fill thee below PayPal cart and you can pay with your Visa or MasterCard.

Ancient Rome Tour # 1 - Balance to be paid in € cash
Deposit: VIP Tickets + 50 € out of 350 € or 450 € Guiding Fee
Preferred Time, pending on the availabilities
Your possible Tour dates are:
Balance due in cash, €300 up to 5 people, € 400 up to 13 people

In case you choose PayPal as method of payment, we still require the complete list of all participants, with the first and last names.
As mentioned in the PayPal shopping cart, please inform us which are the best tour dates and hours for your private Ancient Rome Tour # 1.
The balance due in EUR cash to your assigned tour guide will be:

- EUR 300.00 up to 5 people;
- EUR 400.00 up to 10 people.

In case you are a group of more than 10 people, please let us know. Thank you !

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